Speaking Of Winner’s

Talking about some real winner’s auto detailing in Bismarck is a tough market. We talkedSuccess to a few of the pro’s and they told us to story of the summer rush vs. the winter slow down. If your and Auto Detail Pro in that area you have to learn to adapt to survive.  So here’s what happens in this industry. A new year starts and boy is it cold in the Dakota’s. No sir not one person is going to get there vehicle detailed. It’s just not too smart. I mean look you wash your car then go out into -30 degree temps. You just might end up stuck in you car till spring rolls around. Your door will freeze in seconds. Good news though there is a chance that someone one one of those weird winter days that warms up just might come by the shop to knock of some of the winter grim. Yet you couldn’t keep all your help you trained from last summer when it got so slow.

Spring Time 

Looks like Accuweather just came out and said that spring is going to be like an early summer!! Boom the phone starts to ring off the hook. Your starting to get a flood of customers and now you don’t know if you will be able to handle all the extra business on your own. You don’t feel like retraining but your going to have to if you want to satisfy the needs of all of your customers. Welcome to Bismarck North Dakota where you save in the winter and make stacks in the summer. This is where the tough get tougher, and the baby’s get gone. Do whatever it takes to make it to the next summer and save what you make this summer.

What it means to be a real winner.

You can hold your standard to only serve customers the way you want to…. that’s fine. Real winners find ways to achieve customer satisfaction even if they are asking them to do something that isn’t quite what they are used to doing. Just because you do sometimes one way and you get asked to do it there way doesn’t mean there wrong or your right. Money is the motivator to the real winners the find ways to get that money into there own pockets. Even if it means to do thing’s that they don’t really want to.


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Freedom Carpet Cleaners Story

I want to do a review on my cousin’s business Boise carpet cleaners. Cody and Justin run this business together. What I want this to be about his persistence, and I kind of wanted to show you what persistence looks like and I could think of no better company then these guys at Freedom carpet cleaning.


So first things first I just wanted to go over a bunch of questions and ask them one at a time.


  1. To get this first one out of the way why did you guys choose carpet cleaning? For Cody it wasn’t such a big deal as it was for Justin. Justin had already previously owned the carpet cleaning company and was doing it to make some income. He was working at UPS Store as a driver and cleaning carpets on the side to support his rather large family. Cody, Justin’s brother in law was just there to help him out. To beginning with carpet cleaning was just an end to a means it was a way to make money.
  2. So if it was just a way to make money why did you quit working for ups and for you Cody why did you stay and continue cleaning carpets full time? Well as I said it wasn’t a means to an end, but it ended up being a lucrative business when times were good. We were going through a “good” time there for a little while and we both quit our day jobs and decided to go into carpet cleaning full time, and that was because we saw the potential there.
  3. I couldn’t help but notice that you said when times were good. What do you mean by this? Well to be honest with you it was in the summer months when we begin the carpet cleaning business full time. What we had kind of it expected but didn’t fully anticipate was the winter. I know you think carpets would be cleaned more often in the winter because of tracking in snow and mud. The carpet cleaning industry is Rudy dead in the winter though which we did not anticipate the extreme slow times ahead.
  4. So what did you do to get through the slow times? Thank goodness for Cody’s construction and tile skills we were able to pick up some side jobs. Also we had a pretty good customer base that they use us in those times and kept us afloat. At This point we were just completely relying on referrals. It was a good thing that we were good with people because we had some referrals that kept calling us. We feel lucky for those people.
  5. So where do you see your business in five years and where are you now? Last three years have been pretty shaky for the business goes good in the summer and then the winter is a little rough.We definitely are recognizing the need for fresh leads we have no problem with referrals. Quite frankly we just need more fresh leads. Our plan in the next year is to start doing more marketing and getting more calls coming in so that we will have business for next winter.
  6. What advice would you give to other small business owners in your area? Owning your own business isn’t easy. It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done and sometimes you want to just give up. I think it’s important to remember why you started your own business in the first place. The freedom carpet cleaning business can give you can be Limitless if you get enough food for a business. Hence the name Freedom Carpet Cleaning. I think it is important to start your business in a bigger than we did at first we just didn’t know but right now we are expanding into a bigger area in our market.
  7. If you had a chance to do carpet cleaning again would you? Carpet cleaning was just the next that worked out for us so yes. If you’re asking if I think there’s better areas to be in sure but you need to acquire the skill sets which I did not have. Cody over here have the ability to set tile but it wasn’t something that he wanted to do long term just because of the wear and tear on his body. Carpet cleaning was kind of a happy medium for us because it was something that we could both do and it didn’t take a whole lot of skill to learn. You just have to get down there and  do it. I know that sounds bad for business but really people don’t want to clean their own carpets and it is a hassle to do it on your own if you don’t have the right equipment. So all we did was by the right equipment and are willing to take on the project. sometimes that’s all a small businesses as someone willing to take on work that nobody else wants to do. I believe a lot of small businesses have success by doing things that nobody else wanted to do.

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Something I heard from an entrepreneur.



Stop selling start closing! What you meant by this is 90% of people will try to sell you something but only 10% of people will try to close on that thing. If you don’t ask you won’t receive. You have to ask if you want to try to sell somebody something. Sure you can spend a day or two trying to sell somebody something, but if you never ask them to buy it they’ll never do it. Why is it that people are afraid to ask? I believe it is because they don’t believe in the product themselves, and this is a real problem if you ask me. So what is it why are you selling it? Don’t sell something if you don’t like it yourself I wouldn’t. You have to believe in your product that is just the simple truth if you don’t believe in your product you might as well not even be trying to sell it. You Have to really really want to sell something I mean you have to believe the customer needs to have it. If you don’t believe that when you’re reading the wrong story folks.


You see I sell something that I totally believe it and that’s why I’m successful at it. I sell a program that helps small businesses succeed. Do I believe in it, absolutely. I believe in it because I used to be a small business owner myself, and I could have used a product like this. Every time I meet with a small business owner I am so excited about this product that I’m offering because I know it will make them money. They Can see how excited I am about it and it’s easy for them to buy it because they know that I must work if I can be this excited about it. Usually the business owner is smart enough to realize it is something they need you just have to be willing to put it out there in front of them. We live in America this is the land where people want them things. So why are you afraid to try to sell them things they’re practically throwing money away 90% of the time anyway. What I’m trying to do here to show you something new something different, and a different way of thinking.  Don’t just try to sell something. Close on the deal ask for the money. Did you know you can increase your business by asking for more money from customers you already have? This is called second money. If you’ve already gotten your foot in the door once, shoot you’re already in the door you might as well ask for more money right?
People are afraid to ask for second money because they’re afraid to hurt the relationship they already have. Wrong. They already want to do business with you that’s why they bought from you in the first place if you come to them with another great idea they will buy it to simple as that. What I am trying to say here is don’t be afraid to ask for money go out there and get your money it’s yours for the taking. Second money is like taking money from a baby people love to give you their money just go out there and take it.

Learning Curve How to Grow

    Why would you wash dishes by hand? When sitting right beside the sink is a beautiful and efficient dishwasher?   Something that not only gets the dishes nice and shiny but sterilizes them as well.  It gets  rid of all the bugs and germs that we worry about…especially in the winter time when there are more than enough bugs and viruses going around.  So why take a chance of spreading more germs by washing your dishes by hand?  Well, I do fight with the sterile aspect of  hand vs machine, but there is something comforting about doing dishes by hand.


 Comforting?  Are you serious?  Well not comforting like a cup of hot chocolate with a marshmallow on top, but none-the-less, comforting as in I’m doing something profitable with my time and washing those dishes one at a time makes me feel like I’m giving my old friends some attention.  After all they have worked hard and  done there part…the last thing I want them to have to endure is a lonely night in a dark dishwasher because no one remembered to turn the machine on so it could do its job.  And seriously if you’ve smelled some of the new dish soaps that they have now- a-days it’s almost a no brain-er.  Doing dishes by hand has all of a sudden become therapeutic.

 Something that even the kids don’t mind.  I think there are essential oils in these soaps that tell the brain this is the new after dinner “mint”.  In fact it’s become a time where my husband and I can have deep and enjoyable conversation.  One dish at a time we can go over the days events and one spoon at a time can make plans for the rest of the evening and even contemplate what tomorrow will bring.  I swear it’s in the soap.  This never used to be something that we raced through our meal for.  Something that we can’t wait to happen.  Eating used to be the highlight of the meals but not anymore.  Now the highlight is the after dinner “mint”.  The time spent at the sink with the beautiful aroma of dish soap filling the air. The conversation that evolves: likely because of the power of the scent that brings about a strange but welcome ability to communicate while we labor over the dishes.  Who dreamed this up?  I’m sure it must have been some very smart and perhaps exasperated Mother.  Someone who knew that there had to be a way to get the family excited about mealtime again.

So use the power of science and the smell factor in the brain…whatever it takes and now there is a whole new generation of families that absolutely love and look forward to getting there hands in the dishpan.  Brilliant.  I hope that lady is generously rewarded for her amazing work.  I for one am very happy to enjoy the therapeutic effects of putting my hands into the dish pan and giving some love to my dishes.  It’s a most enjoyable after-dinner “mint”.

Are you a winner’s winner or a winner’s quitter?

Recently we got to see a hero fall. 

We all know Ronda Rousey , or maybe I should say most know her. To those of you who don’t know her here is a little back story so you can inter into this conversation.


This woman is an Olympic medalist. American…of course, and became famous in the mixed martial art’s word. U.F.C is basically guy cage fighting. You go into a cage with an opponent and who ever doesn’t get knocked out or tap out wins. Generally we used to think of this as a mans sport…..until Ronda. This woman made it main stream for women with here one hit knockouts, and her ability to take an opponent down in seconds made her fun to watch. Her clam to fame was here first round finishes only 2 fights in her career went into the 2nd round. She sounds ruthless, and well that’s because she was….is.

The fall. 

I think this was one of the hardest thing’s to watch in the history of women sport’s. All of the world were gathered around there TV’s to watch the fight of the year. And it was a fight between two women never has this happened before. In a sense there as a huge build up to this event. Somehow Holly Ham her counterpart was portrayed as the underdog and Ronda was portrayed as the bully. Not helping her image she got a little puffed up. Rightfully so I suppose, that’s because see hasn’t ever lost a fight, and there was never even a close call in any of here fights. She always won by a land slide.

The time came and the fight began just like we had hoped Ronda came flying out to prove a point. The only thing was Holly didn’t go down. No in fact Holly stood in there and she started fighting back. You could tell Holly started to gain confidence once she realized Ronda was human. By the second round Ronda was tiered, not one to have to fight in the second round she didn’t seem to have the stamina. Soon Holly started to work her over like we had never seen done.

The kick seen around the world.

The kick that brought a hero down. This kick didn’t only win the fight but broken Ronda. Literally it broke her face. It truly was a hard hit to the ego as well. It was hard to watch. To my point though what do you think about this story? Where will it end for her. Did you know that she considered suicide in the hospital after this happened to her? She was able to see that there was a purpose for her on this earth….Thankfully!!

You know it’s easy to win win win, but to lose after you have been winning that long hits harder than being used to losing. Oddly enough. Look at how Cam handled the super bowl lose. NOT WELL. Really it’s not important to fall even out hero’s do. Who knows maybe Ronda will continue to fight that to me would make her a real winner. That doesn’t matter though what dose matter is if you find yourself in a terrible situation with your business remember even the best fall the real winners keep getting up.

Educate Your customer.

Price Is a Myth Value Is Something you CAN Create.

Mr. Grant here shows you how there is no price. Price is fake. Value is something you can create. For example the cigarettes and cigars both have nicotine in them. Well if your a cigarette kinda guy you find no value in a cigars and to the opposite if your the cigar guy your not the cigarette guy.

If you ran out of cigarettes, and all there was were cigars to pick from you would buy one. Why; Well they both have nicotine in them so your going to get a cigar for that pompous. Now if there were 2 cigars to choose from, like a expensive one and a cheap one your going to buy the cheaper one. Why? That’s because there is no value there for you. You don’t like cigars and your no pimp. You just need nicotine.

Now let’s say you were a cigar guy. Yeah you probably would buy the more expensive one. That would be because there was value in it for you.Maybe there the same but the cigar company ads value to there product by educating the consumer. When you know something you feel comfortable with it and you would rather go with something you know verses some off brand you don’t know.

For example:educational cigsHere we have 4 different Cigars. Which one are you going to pick? Just for the sake of argument let’s run 4 ads and see which cigar you choose after. Remember these cigars are all the same just packaged differently.

Cigar number 1. Retails at 29.99

Ad  written on the package :

Cuban cigars from the hart of the tobacco gardens.

Cigar number 2: Retails at 49.99

The best cigars from Indonesia. At the best price guaranteed. Retail at 100.00 a piece sold to you at 49.99. We offer free shipping to those buying more than 4  Hint: they come in 5 packs so there always free. You will not be disappointed. These cigars are used by the big boys in high places. Hand made quality wrapping and filled with the finest leaf that can be found. Each pack is quality tested and approved before shipment.

Cigar number 3. Retails at 19.99

Ads; Nope nothing just a cigar.

Cigar number 4. retail 25.45

Ads; Get buzzed. Get funny and look cool with the big cat’s. Smoke till you choke. Don’t miss out on this once in a life time price of 25.45.

OK so it’s obvious that your going to choose the higher priced option

How do I know that; well because you will and your going to want to because you feel like you can trust the product, Remember a buyer doesn’t know there all the same like you do. If you were looking you would end up on option 2 because you first know where they came from, and secondly if “they” are not as good as clammed you get your money back so why wouldn’t you buy them?

Use this.

If your a small business and your struggling to sell your product DO NOT lower the value just to try to sell it. No if there’s no value there maybe you need to create the value. Once you do you might be amazed that you can double the price of your competition, yet sell twice as many. For you math wises out there that’s like moving 4 x more product. Bingo yo!! Add value!

Your A Train Wreck

Bra Your Business Is A Mess

You would not believe how many “small” business disasters there are out there. I would go as far as to say right out the gate 50% are doomed. Another 30 percent will eventually fall off. That leaves 20% The good news only 2 out of 10 of your competitors are actually your competitors!! Crazy I know. So a few of the reasons why.

  • Marketing
  • Growing
  • Changing (adapting)
  • Face Value

Marketing 1. Simply don’t have it a lot of these small businesses don’t. Did you know only half of small businesses have a website. That’s Honorable so if like they say 25% of your business can come from google search alone. Then you might just be missing that 25 percent you need to be successful. I here people say we are fine with out it. Hum that’s too bad that you like throwing money away because that’s free money and easy money. I like to think it’s more like 25 percent for new business. What about the residual or reoccurring customers that originally found you on the web? Maybe it’s more like 33% or 1/3 of possible money or the difference between 66,000 and a 100,000 dollars.

Other marketing social media. It’s just dumb not to be on it at this point. Enough said. Get on the radio, TV, and don’t be afraid to tell people what you do.

Growing 2. Don’t wanna grow. This one is also dumb. to small to service your customers needs. Soon you won’t have customers plain and simple you have to grow to accommodate or your not on a date! At first it seems overwhelming to grown, but this is a grow or die kinda deal.

Changing 3. Here’s a good one. At first your exited to be in business. You go get the latest greatest products to serve your customers. Your known for it. You sir are a site to behold. Then what? A few  years go by you get tired of learning about what you do you stop changing/updating. Some new guy comes to town an he has the latest stuff. You tell yourself you don’t need it because you system has worked for years and you don’t want to change. Your competitor attracts your customer base and your out on the street holding a sign that says kick me i’m an idiot.

Plain and simple you have to money with the times. Not saying to fall for every new thing that comes along, but if you see something gaining traction heck yeah you better be on that train. Don’t let it leave without you.

Face Value 4. What Gary? You ask; I don’t know what you mean. You think I need to get plastic surgery and add value to my face! 😉

I’m talking about being in your costumers face. In a good way make sure your always noticed, and your relevant. You want to be the first thing that your customers think of when they need you.

What are you waiting for.

Get out there. be the 20 percent that succeed don’t let your business go like you let your stomach go way past it’s boundaries, and I promise you will be a successful business.


Welcome to the area….my area

Hey peeps,

Glad to see you stop in and see what we are all about here. Just wanted to give you a brief description on what you will find in my writing. Basically I go usually go on really long rants about how you need to do better.


It’s like getting beat up over stuff you know you should be doing. It’s like motivation only driven by fear. Really though it’s like getting beat by a person with a bat when you fail. Except the bat is a wet noodle of words that encourage you to do what you need to to succeed.

Check back.

We’ll be back with some cool stuff.